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Default Re: I'm Not Dead Yet

Yeah, while I like petting the bunnies, I think maybe the long term strategy is to have an officer on the away team that has the Field Medic specialization as that is supposed to cause away team members to heal over time. You could make your captain a field medic but then he has to be a part of the away team on many missions -- that's a bit too risky for my blood. Otherwise you have to hope you can hire someone in the Science class and then give him that specialization during promotion. It would be nice if there were some healing drops just as there are for oxygen but maybe that's too FPS like. The suggestion about better bunnies on tougher planets/sectors might be a bit more keeping with the current mechanic. I still like the bunnies even if they do get shot and/or in the way. Plus... maybe I want to be a bad dude with high infamy points so bunny hunting will help me get their along with going through away team members as the red shirts they truly arrrr.
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