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Default Re: Victory!

Victory under the Unifiers Story-Arc

Well, it took me 90 Sectors to do it, but I managed a victory completing the quest requirements of the Unifiers faction. I enjoyed this game immensely! For my part, I found this game to be pretty challenging, even playing on the Easy level, but with Permadeath on. As a Newbie to rogue-like games, I probably took close to 100 hours to win this game; but I was proceeding very methodically and carefully. I am pretty sure a more experienced player could have completed this game in about half the time!

As noted by Lord Felix above, the Unifiers story-arc takes a kind of creepy turn, toward the end; but I thought it was clever (and appropriate), and I have no complaints on that score. On the other hand, paradoxically, this "interesting" victory motivates me all the more, to pursue a different faction's story-arc, the next time I play.

But that is one mark of a good computer game: Keep 'em coming back for more ...

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