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Default Re: Trader 2 Patch RELEASED!

I have several suggestions for the next patch:

I hope that you have at least one more patch. You need to fix what ships are being offered at various times. As I mentioned before, after 20-30 turns, we would easily have over 1000 cargo and decent weapons, yet the ships offered are not much better than the beginning ships. You should probably break down what is offered by time. As a suggestion the first 20 turns gets one Category of ship, turns 21-40 gets a second Category etc. Also, you should absolutely provide special options that are not available by purchase, such as additional weapons, increase resistance to weapons, automatic repair after battle, reduce fuel useage or increased weapon bonuses etc.

As for the investment, something needs to be done. Why put money in tbe galactic account? There needs to be some hints or something to give us a reason to do this. Same would be for the stocks. We need some reason. Perhaps putting in random news on INDIVIDUAL stock hints or galactic account hints would be a good idea. Also, it wold be nice to put in more than 10,000 shares.
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