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Default Terran, 1.08 Balanced Mod Game Test

Giving the stock Terran Empire a shot with the new patch and Kwok's Balanced mod...

The strategy I am going with is rapid expansion but with military conditions. First I colonized my home sector, 2 other planets, nothing great.

I found a Huge green world in the adjacent system. However I did not rush to it. My military strategy is that each system will have a Defense Fleet. In addition there will be several roaming fleets which will be used to secure systems and take the fight to the enemy if needed. Before I colonize a new system I will make sure an Attack fleet is there too. I will not move the attack fleet until an appropriate Sector Defense fleet is present. This will be an expensive strategy.

As for research, I am only researching 2 things at a time. I may increase it to 3 as I build more labs.

So far so good, colonizing my 3rd system, no other races found yet. I have 2 Attack fleets made of 3 Level 2 Frigates. I have a defense fleet made up of 3 L2 Frigates in my home system. In the 2nd system I just got the space yards built and am making their fleet.

My resources are starting to get stretched though.
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