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Mentocka system...

Mentocka VIII becomes the second Dawn colony in this new system. The ruins on Mentocka VII yielded a new technology that allows a weapon to be constructed that can siphon power from one ship onto another. A Cue Cappa frigate is six sectors from Mentocka VIII and five from the warp point into Tilikanthua and Ushphada. The frigate Leeds has moved into orbit over Mentocka VIII while Northampton, the PDS destroyer Sniper and the repair ship Melbourne guard the warp point to Tilikanthua. Mentocka VII has its first Hercules V weapons platform (two anti-proton beams and two meson blasters – all on large mounts – two flak cannons, one point defense beam, a level five shield and a level two ECM) and was building a second, to be followed by a supply depot.

Haphik system
Haphik I space yard...

The latest frigate design, the England VIII, was launched this month. The first of the new line was christened CDS Thames. It features three level four capital ship missiles, and additional ordinance storage. Again, there is no armor or shields. This is a pure offensive powerhouse.

The new ship warped into the Velocitas system and was on its way to augment the defenders in Zezzis.

Pantrissa system
...onboard CDS Beagle

Captain James Cabrerra wasn’t ready for the real thing. He had been spending the past month and a half working in simulators with the new frigate. Although he had demonstrated the capability to work in close, he needed to learn to work with the new crew and his new ship. The simulations of the engines impressed him the most. Most of his career was spent on large, slow-moving behemoths. Now, he was in a smaller vessel built for stealth and speed. He thought he knew how it would be to command this racehorse of a ship. He was in for a surprise.

The technicians on the bridge were all specialists in their own areas. Normally the case for any starship, it was especially true for Beagle. These were without a doubt the elite of the empire.

Two months ago, when Cabrerra was “assigned” to the York/Beagle, the ship limped to the edge of the Pantrissa, and Dover fired a missile, engaging a self-destruct command for the missile to blow up. The timing was perfect, since just as the missile exploded 5 km away from York/Beagle, the technicians engaged the cloak system. It worked perfectly. To the rest of the empire, York had been obliterated, along with the “radioactive menace” it represented.

CDS York was officially listed as destroyed.

At the same moment, Beagle was born.

That was two months ago. The crew was training, testing, and calibrating equipment until now. Now, Beagle was about to head into systems of other empires. She would be on her own. She had to be.

With the exception of the crew, only a handful of people even knew she existed.

“Ahead full, helm. Let’s see what we have here.”

Cabrerra’s command was instantly acknowledged. He unsuccessfully tried to keep his jaw shut while Beagle rocketed through the system on her way to Sheliak. The speed was even faster than the simulation predicted.

“Damn...” he whispered as they penetrated the Sheliak warp point. First stop, perform a scan of the Chethod ships and satellites at Sheliak III. Assuming they were successful, the next stop would be points beyond. They would try to get into Zezzis through Sheliak, but would be ready to scan and report on whatever they found.

Velocitas system
Velocitas Asteroid belt XVII...

The Harvester nudged itself into position. This time was looked forward to ever since the discovery of the “dead” system. The giant ship began its checks and engaged its robominers. Within a few days, the projections were in. This one belt was providing over 9400 radioactive resources per month.

And there were sixteen more belts to mine in this system alone...

Zezzis system...

Captain O’Rourke took West End back to Zezzis V while Captain Harrison and Southampton took her position guarding the colony on Zezzis IV. Alice Springs also headed to Zezzis V to perform repair work on O’Rourke’s frigate. Both ships also took on a full load of supplies from the planet. With 48 mines in orbit, and three planet based weapon platforms, this was about the safest place for Dawn ships in the system. O’Rourke and her crew needed the downtime. As soon as Alice Springs was alongside and repairs had begun, O’Rourke headed to her cabin. She felt like she could sleep for the entire month. She would need to.

There was another colony ship due in and she was to escort to the new colony – two sector from her battle with the Sergetti.
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