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Default Re: Dawn - Lockdown


Sheliak system
...onboard CDS Beagle...

Captain Cabrerra didnít like what he was hearing. No matter what he tried, he would not be able to get into the warp point undetected by the Chethrod blockade of over forty ships. He had no choice but to turn back to Pantrissa and try to get into the other systems through the Zezzis battleground.

Not the best option for someone who survives by being unseen, but there just wasnít any other way...

Zezzis system...

Zezzis XI was the homeworld of the Sergetti. Toronto and Artemis had just decimated the fighter protection for the planet, and the carrier that was being repaired was also destroyed. In order to establish the blockade on the system, the fleet had left the colonies to defend themselves, which they were now capable to do. The plan was to blockade Zezzis XI, and close the system to outside interference. Toronto and Artemis had established the blockade of the Sergetti homeworld, while Southampton and West End took up positions guarding the two warp points out of Zezzis. Montreal still held the warp point back to Velocitas, and the first of the new class of frigates, Manchester, was due to arrive in Zezzis next month. Each of the three colonies in Zezzis began to build the newly designed Eagle fighter, both for their own defense, as well as to augment the impending invasion of the Sergetti worlds...

Haphik system
Haphik I space yard...

The ship was even bigger than the Harvester class of remote mining ships. Christened Freightliner, it was still two months away from completion, but it was able to carry supplies, ordinance, and just about anything else a system might need.

Including troops that were being trained on Haphik II...

Pantrissa system
Pantrissa V space yard...

The second minelayer of the empire was under construction. Based on the report from Beagle, the decision was made that the Pantrissa-Sheliak warp point was considerably under-defended. There would be no way to get enough ships in time to counter the Chethrod force, but a minefield would certainly help, especially since Beagle had not detected a minesweeper. There was a treaty between the Chethrod and Dawn, but treaties were no guarantee of anotherís actions. Pantrissa III and Pantrissa VII were in-between the space yard and the warp point, so they began to build mines.

A lot of mines...
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