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Default Problems

Tried to make a new scenario and could not get it to show up in the scenarios listings in game.

To test it I copied an existing scenario, added one ship at the west coast (copied the info from another ship, pasted it and changed the ships ID# and name. I changed the scenario name inside the XML file and renamed the XML file the same.

I copied and pasted the XML file into the scenarios folder. Launched the game and the new scenario was not listed under scenarios.

My fist question is do we need a program to edit the XML files, or will opening it with notepad or wordpad, editing then saving work? If a program is needed do you have any suggestions where one can be downloaded. If not,... then what am I doing wrong?

Also would it be possible to get a post some day detailing exactly how to make new scenarios, and exactly what all the settings in the XML files mean.
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