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Default Re: Combat Mechanics

I have great faith in the makers of SL to come up with a worthy game. But I would hate to see some terribly painful and overly complex turn based system that bleeds all the fun and excitement out of ship combat. To do this would neither be fun or engaging. Instead it would turn ship combat into a chore.

When I played Armada 2526, its ship combat was realtime but so poorly executed that I wanted the autoresolve button to take care of most combat. Its a shame when games fall into that pitfall. Because its signs of a poorly considered system, and not just budget constraints.

We the gamers and purchasers of your product understand you cannot reinvent the wheel so to speak but implore you take whichever shortcuts necessary and capitalise on 2D ideas like Gratuitous Space Battles. I am still a firm believer that even a small crew of programmers can be resourceful enough to come up with a very impressive offering.
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