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Default Re: Concerning CHQ Link

Even if you have no radio - runners or dispatch riders are assumed to keep you in touch from time to time.

Rallying requires contact - and radios do allow rally at long ranges.

Platoons and companies get radios automatically in SP series games. And I have seen platoon and company HQs out of contact with higher HQ.

Main effect of out of contact is in rallying. You can still move things around - they dont "freeze" without contact like e.g. some tabletop rules.
If in contact they can be rallied by a superior, and in SP the superior HQ tends to be called on to rally first, then the junior HQ if present. that can leave superiors unable to rally themselves if you dont watch out.

About the only out of contact situation that really has much game effect is when batteries drop off the command net, so cannot be called for fire or have fire cancelled or adjusted.

In SP games, C&C is not really much of an effect. SP3 had an orders and objectives system, which was optional and it appeared that most end users did not utilise it.
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