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Default Re: Concerning CHQ Link

A0 can rally anyone - if he is close by. CHQ can rally subordinates if close by as well. Subordinates of his own company that is, not another company's troops.

A0 of course is the commander for any loose platoons in the "A company" that all such platoons not cross attached to a specific line company form. So rallying some scout car platoon you bought in support may result in A0 using his rally opportunities.

The drawback of bringing A0 close enough to rally subordinate troops of some line company is that he may get caught in the fighting or a barrage on them etc, and suffer from that. Losing A0 loses an ongoing (non PBEM) campaign, so its a desperation move to bring him up to the point of contact. However, if he is well back then he could provide rally to fleeing troops that have run a long way from the battle.

NB - HQs provide rally opportunities not only in the human initiated "direct" rallying, but also in the end of turn rally the code does in the end of turn morale test.

Also - not exactly morale - but the code has always allowed a chance of a nearby (3-5 hexes) higher HQ to "coach" a subordinate that is firing by using its higher skill level as the one used in the fire calculations. Probably not a high enough chance to really be noticeable, but platoons held tightly together in a clump will do a little better than those shotgunned all over the map, both morale wise and shooting wise.
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