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Smile What's the largest screen size you ever played this on?

Just for fun and curiosity.
What's the largest size screen you played winSPMBT on?
Also resolution.

I will start.

In terms of resolution I have only played this up to 1080p because while I have a 4K monitor, I have on it connected just a Mac Mini where I have zero games installed on (and that's how it is going to remain as I use it entirely for work related things). Plus the model wouldn't support 4K anyway. Plus I have no idea if the game would run on macOS as I never had any such interest.

In terms of screen size, my main gaming monitor where I have my gaming PC (a Windows 8.1 laptop) is a 40 inch screen and at 1080p the game looks fine.
While there are negative things when using a large screen for computer monitor (arms reach), immersion is not an issue. Even far older games (for example Atari ST and Amiga 500 games) can be fun if the graphics' style is "compatible".
Either way I am glad the developers here keep upgrading/updating the game to support newer stuff.

What about you?
That's it, keep dancing on the minefield!
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