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Default Re: Generated Campaigns, Jets and UAVs

Heh-heh. Now before I play defense vs Ukraine airstrikes and spotters show up on the misc menu. So I grabbed a UAV to see how they work. (Had one as Russia vs China as assaulter in an earlier campaign--1990 or thereabouts--but everybody was dug in so didn't see much. This time should be a lot different.)

BTW in the last battle (Russia delaying vs USA) the AI used two Apaches. Damaged one by tank cannon and chased the other around with manpads and radar flak. A couple Hellfires were launched at a precious T-90 but both missed due to VIRSS. Is this game cool or what?

A bit off-topic but: Despite having shotgun V-hexes set to 100% this next battle vs Ukraine has three objective clusters instead of scattershot. Dunno why. Weird, no?

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