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Default Re: Click-based enemy spotting

Most of us I am guessing use the above.
This has been addressed to a large degree, turning a unit did the same thing so you now have the option to make it cause op fire.
How often does it happen without the situation changing?
By that I mean change in the dust cloud morale for either unit, remember morale can change for a lot of factors.
If the sighting unit just saw an enemy tank go bang for example not just suppression.

In the odd case it happens I would guess the dust cloud calculation rounded down instead of up and the unit was borderline on being visible anyway.
Big picture it’s a 3 minute turn they finally noticed something, it’s another random event they are everywhere in this game.

As to trying to exploit it by clicking on my units dream on I have better things to do the updates to this game have allowed me to play faster due to the info available, I could go play slot machines if random clicking was my thing.
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