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Default Re: Scenario 4. Egyptian armor - Six Day War

Isreali tank colours have as much conflicting in information as you can possibly get and I have seen colour samples of what is claimed to be the same colour (Israeli Sand Grey) that ranges from a light greenish/ khaki/ gray to a khaki grey. One source will claim in the 6 day war it was the greenish / grey and another will say the grayish Olive Drab dates to the 1956 Sinai War whereas the 1967 and 1973 wars they were "Israeli Sand Grey" then in 82 Israeli Sand Grey went darker similar to what I have the Merkava Mk 4 painted.

Probably all are correct and there were units using one paint and others using a different paint then toss in desert dust and you get a new colour but what you show in that example is the khaki/ Grey version of "Israeli Sand Grey" which seems to be the colours used between 1961 and 1973..... or not.
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