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Default Re: Runesword 2 is being illegally sold at

Hello again all but I'm here to report that the same user has reposted Runesword 2 as their own work called "Runesword and Magic" here: and they're charging money for it again and that it's taken longer than 4 days for them to pull the page down even though I reported it again. So if the brass at Shrapnel Games can lean on these guys (again?) we can at least keep those jokers from profiting off a game that's been freely released already. They're not the only ones doing this since I previously came across what must be a illegitimate upgrade of Omnitrend's Rules of Engagement here: and reported it but the page is still up and their account is still active. I guess Itch.Io's report hyperlink is just for show! But in any case thanks for hearing me out fellow shrapnelites!

John Stone
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