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Default Re: Any idea when it\'s going to be out? I purchased this game probably 2 years ago onlin

Hi all, here's the best info I can give you right now: First off, from the developer with 100s and 100s of hours into this thing (that's me), it's not going to go away. The delays are not due to lack of committment but due to various, well, personal life traumas across the team members at various times. I only say this because I want to make it clear that Shrappy is still 100% committed to 82nd. Believe me when I say no one wants it out more than Tim and I and the sooner the better.

That being said, I'm finishing up Dragoon in July and will then be incorporating the final movies, voices, scenarios, etc into the code for Tim which should nicely get the game out well before year's ends. That's where we're at.

By all means, ask for a refund if you feel the need but it's been such a long, arduous journey that I'd hate to see anyone get off the bus when we're so nearing the end...

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