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Default Re: What?


Appreciate the comment about being belligerent.

I also want to add, that from the customer end, it is extremely frustrating when you keep hearing from Tim Brooks and others that the game is near completion but months and years pass by with no word or the same status again (same news and no further development shown)showing up if an update is given. Additionally, the web page is out of date too and has been that way for some time.

While I agree, nobody benifits from being rude, I think that your customers are really wondering if Shrapnel is committed to getting this thing done. Why would we care? It would be because 101st was such a darn good game. That's why.

I drop in here once in awhile to see if this game is getting anywhere. I even went to Origins to ask the same question in person. I for one would like to see it get done - but I get just as frustrated as the posters here. We hear the same things over and over again.

All I want is to see this one get done. 101 was just so damn good.

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