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Default Re: General Game Questions


> Can you select which soldier
> you want to move in any order
> as long as they have AP's remaining?

No, the order is determined by the game. This IMHO is one of the BEST features of the game.

I generally had my men 'pair-up' into teams of 2 or three...when doing so it is VERY important to pay attention to the order in which they moved. You don't want the slowest guy in front when moving down a hedgerow do you?

> Can you save a training mission game?

I don't THINK so. But to be honest it has been a VERY, VERY, VERY long time since I played a training mission. And I don't recall ever trying to save one.

> I can save games in the normal missions.

Ohhh yes! And I suggest that you (at least) save after drop, and just prior to exit of each map.

You are in for a bLast! ENJOY the best squad level computer wargame ever made!

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