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Default Re: Patch 1.5 released!

Another issue with the original 1.5 patch. I was completing an unsuccessful season. After the 40th match, the game just dropped to desktop with the run-time error 9 message again. Did not click on anything incorrectly. No potions or enchantments were in effect. Only thing out of normal was a two man roster.

The odds for betting need a little work. Toward the end of the season, it was very hard to make any money. One match, for example, had corresponding bets of 0.2 to 1 and 1 to 1. Shouldn't the 1 to 1 side have better odds more like 4 to 1? With all that money going to the favorite, the underdog should have rewarded bettors better than 1 to 1. Come to think of it, I rarely saw odds of 2 to 1 or higher.

One enchantment I loved. Your warrior gained +1 to every stat permanently if he lost his match. Lasted twelve days and cost around 335 gold. My fighters earned seven losses over that time and some much improved stats. Best enchantment I have seen yet.

The sad dwarf,

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