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Default Re: Derek please look..Possible bug...

Here's a test patch for the people who have installed the 1.5 patch (430 KB):

Test Patch for Coliseum

Just download the file and double-click on it to install. This will only work if you installed the 1.5 patch beforehand. let me know if anyone has any problems. The issue that keeps adding numbers to the stats when using stat increasing enchantments should be fixed, and the "Error 9" when buying an enchantment with no primary warrior selected should be fixed too. I believe the other playoff "Error 9" should be fixed too.

Let me know if there are any more problems. If there are any, please let me know the exact circumstances and what you clicked right before the error, if possible.

NOTE: Also, what may help is to uninstall the game, go in and delete the Coliseum folder from Program Files (or wherever you installed it) and then resinstall the game, and then install the 1.5 patch, and then maybe this patch as well. As with other games, files may have gotten corrupted.

Thanks and sorry everyone for the difficulties. Weird, since I've played 3 seasons and had no problems at all.
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