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Default Dev. Notes: Feb. 2

Hey all,

Been battling some kind of weird stomach bug the Last day or so, and of course took a day off for the Super Bowl (one of the best ever IMO; great game!)

Coliseum: Beginning work on the 1.6 patch. I still need some confirmation that the new patch that adds some music back in works! Please let me know in the appropriate topic, so I can move on to adding stuff.

Several bug fixes are already finished (fixing the 1st fight of next season starting at the end of the Last season's fight I believe is fixed) and the Error 9 when clicking on an enchantment with no primary fighter selected is fixed too. The music and Error 9 end of season bugs should be all taken care of. With the 1.6 release, the game should be pretty rock-solid and stable.

Stormcloud Creations
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