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Default Re: Dev. Notes: Feb. 2

I didn't have any problems with the music warping the way it was described in the other Posts or the #9 error. I've put the nomusic patch on and then the new patch and I get music at the opening screen. In the game I hear the sound effects, warrior screams, and button clicks but one thing that is missing is the crowd cheering during the match. The crowd cheers when I begin the match but I thought I remembered the crowd cheering during the match before I put the nomusic patch on.

I've ran through 16 of the 20 day seasons and have only noticed a few problems.

Once I had a warrior die because I used too many enchantments and the program locked when that screen appeared. I was able to reload my Last save after I restarted the program.

I've noticed a glitch during the contract signing phase. Sometimes I don't get the option to try and re-sign a warrior when his contract has expired. I wish I could be more helpful in tracking this one down but it occurs infrequently and catches me off guard. I think it is either with a warrior I have gotten from the academy or a free agent I signed after the initial season they are on the team.

Another weird one is that sometimes when I sign a warrior from the academy, I get a different one in my roster when the new season starts. It has only happened twice. The first time I thought I must have clicked the wrong one, but the next time it happened I was sure I had gotten a different one than the one I chose.

This isn't much to go on, but I'll try to pay closer attention if it happens again.

Question on the game:
Is it better statistically to go normal training on each of the stats for 190 or pay 200 for the experienced warrior training?
I've tried some of both but keep running out of $ before I can make a determination.
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