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Default Auction issues!

I have fighter under the influence of one of the enchantments which has raised hius stats enormously 'Strength 251, Speed 234, Agility 236, Durability 239, Intangibles 70' whilst his normal stats were all around 50 or 60, his current win/loss/kill ratio is 9-4-1. I believe the enachantment Lasts for 10 days so after 9 days (and 9 straight wins) I decided to see what would happen if I put the character up for Auction. So far it has been 4 hours in the bidding process, the bidding just passed 95000 gold and shows no sign of stopping soon.

This raises several concerns:

1) Bidders should only bid on the characters base stats and not those gained by temporary enchantments.

2) The Auction display would be much better if the bidding process was much much much shorter, I would suggest no more than 10 bids in total for the entire process (starting reasonably close to the previously calculated end value)

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