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Default Re: Newbie Questions

Thanks for the answers, reimero (just for the record, I had answered these questions when they were posted on my own site forum, just so people don't think I ignored the original poster). All of your answers were basically correct, as well. A few clarifications:

5) Yes it is, just a screen display thing.

6) Yes, it means totally random, with the chance rolled for each turn.

8) I had meant for this, but did not fully implement it the way I wanted to originally. I also figured the penalty of potentially "poisoning" your warrior with magic over time balanced it enough, and adding this as well would have almost made it not worth using magic at all.

9) Yes you get the 1 warrior with the best record in the top 4 in the league (it checks highest kills in the event of a tie within your team, and then just chooses one randomly in the event of a tie in kills as a tiebreaker).
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