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Default Babylon 5 Mod

I've been talking with Rambie, Atomannj and 2 other people (not on the thread yet) about putting together a Bab5 Mod for SE IV. So far we have some good shipsets for the EA, Narn, Centauri, Vorlons and League of Non-Aligned Worlds. I've also seen some decent Minbari and Shadow sets.

I'm in the process of setting up the map for the B5 universe, though it is taking me some time to create the solar systems.

We are also talking about setting up a tech tree that has a B5 flavor to it, which could be a daunting task as well. Perhaphs with racial specific techs for the different races to keep certain techs "off limits".

Ideas and what y'all would like to see are also most welcome.

If there is anyone interested, or anyone else that has done some B5 Mod work (or would like to), please let us know.

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