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Default Re: Game Suggestions

I totally understand the advantages and disadvantages of C and Basic. But nearly all major programmers will (if you press them hard enough) admit that they started in some form of Basic. I think that the difference is that with Basic you could quickly and easily get the acknowledgement you need that you CAN create something really cool. Then you are motivated to learn something harder in order to do something even cooler. Thats the purpose that Basic was created and I think it did a great job of it.

Telling someone to skip Basic and start in C tends to blow them off the subject of programming IMHO. And I think we are seeing the results of that lately.

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I understand some of the problems of BASIC..(singing)
This is the code that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends.
Some people started GOTOing it not knowing what it was
And now they keep GOTOing it forever just because
This is the code that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends.

(inspired by Lambchop's song..
This game is NOT suitable for students, interns, apprentices, or anyone else who is expected to pass tests on a regular basis. Do not think about strategies while operating heavy machinery. Before beginning this game make arrangements for someone to check on you daily. If you find that your game has continued for more than 36 hours straight then you should consult a physician immediately (Do NOT show him the game!)
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