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Default Re: Kaleva, Songs of Sorcery - 0.85 released

Awesome job Endo, it's very much like I imagined it would be after discussing it over the months.
I love all the national spellsongs. Spellsong of the High Heart is great... a battlefield wide Sermon of Courage. And those low protection troops are going to need all the courage they can get. Can't wait to eventually cast Construct Sampo. What exactly does it do?
The troops seem adequate for fighting indies early. I've just used Axemen and Hiisi and moose brothers so far. The axemen seem to be a good cheap meatshield, you can mass Hiisi behind them, and the moose brothers are just awesome. They don't look tough, with the low protection, but I haven't lost one yet (lost a couple of riders), and they have been devastating on attack rear. I'm about to try the light cav. They look interesting.

The mages are probably the highlight of it all though. The spellsingers are the crux of the game, and they do seem quite powerful, though the low MR is something a player will have to take into account and plan for. I also like the little all randoms Sorcerers. I guess you could recruit those without a lab?

The spellsinger sprite seems a little underwhelming, but I'm sure you know how they should look better than I. I had expected something a little more grandiose, but no complaints. Maybe Kristoffer could whip something up if you asked him nicely.

This looks really fun. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this.
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