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Default Re: Censer and Incense

Originally Posted by vfb View Post
I'm trying out Gath, and have thugged out some Kohens Gadols (Unit 1987).

Their Censer (516) looks nice, it has an area-1 Incense (517) effect that according to the DB is damage 10,AN, no MR.

But while the incense graphics appear in battle, it doesn't appear to do any damage:

8607 striking with weapon Censer. att20 def5^M
hitloc Kohen Gadol strikes Barbarian wl2 diff-4 -> 4^M
hitunit 8607 10773 dmg1 spec2097157 ba4^M
damage 16 on Barbarian, spec0x200005 ba4^M
NextWeapon Incense has aoe 1 anim 10156 5^M
blastsqr: unr8607 x27 y14 aoe1 dmg10 eff2003 spc8320 as10156 al5^M
8609 striking with weapon Short Sword. att15 def11^M

The Censer killed one barbarian in the square with the hit, but there were two others, and they didn't get affected at all.

Does it only work against undead or demons or something?

The problem with the Gadols unit is that you will often end up diseasing or poisoning yourself, or units with you. I prefer to make sure these units dont end up in combat - or - replace their weapon with another.

That being said.. a D9 bless is... interesting.
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