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Default Re: The Slow Cooker thread of Scallywag's Revival

Right, bountiful problems of a technical variety and otherwise, but this is now much closer on my todo list---specifically right after I finish up some voice and sound work for a certain PC RPG. This is DEFINITELY NOT an abandoned project.

Handy in the meantime, would be for everybody to chime in with any and all specific problems or "off bits" they ran into while playing the game---if not play it again in the near future so as to have a fresh feedback perspective on it. As another teaching bit, I'm also aiming to manage the ability to recreate and/or migrate creations with this back and forth with Torchlight's PrEditor engine toolset as it is C# based versus the C++ lib of Scallywag's RAGE.

I intend for this to be THE form assumed, being able to modify existing stuff mixed with changes that need some programing, speedbump wise in terms my skill enrichment en route to being able to make my own games outright and/or enter into the industy proper at some level. As such, this is pretty important to me and I'm determined to manage this.
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