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Default Re: MA Ulm using Blood Magic

Wow, Belac. Way to dig up one of my oldest threads ever. This is so old I didn't even get a notice someone posted to it. I must not be subscribed to it because it was before the forum upgrade.

Anyhow, if your playing CBM, this strategy is dead. However, if CBM comes up with another earth booster, then I would suggest gearing Ulm in doing whatever it needs to do in order to shell them out in mass.

I always liked blood stones over all of the other gem gens, because unlike clams, they are a tool and not a treasure. Clams are lame cause all you do is stick them on researchers walled up in lofty towers. Your mages just hold them close to their chests at night and whisper, "my precious". The clam then bits their nose off and spits out a pearl.

The fact that blood stones boosted earth magic was always their better aspect. Ulm's mages are weak if you don't boost them. My point was that if you took advantage of earth boots, blood stones, and summon earth power, you exponentially increased your battlefield options. However, having the extra gems transported directly to the field was also a big plus.
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