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Fallout Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

Well the usual "blah blah" here on my intentions which have been stated elsewhere in infinitive. In working on my last inputs for the upcoming patch I've noticed in some of the smaller nations I'm addressing major efforts are being made to modernize and or get the best "new" plane in their Air Force's as their budgets allow, Thailand being a perfect example of this tread which I'm addressing as stated above. So I'm starting with India who has some major concerns with their neighbor to the north and is representative to what's going on in Asia and S. America and by extension the surrounding regions. And we'll say goodbye to some stalwart "friends" like the HARRIER (On my list as well.) which has flown in ALL variants for the last time this past December for both the RN & RAF, to welcoming Russia and China's newest 5th generation fighters. So here we go off into the "wild blue yonder"!! Of course game related because I just don't have time for anything else. Anyone else up for UAV's?!? Anyway:

Won't (Hopefully?) spend as much time on this as land platforms but we all know air power as well as defence is a major if not unintended consequence for the game.


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