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Default Scenario 4. Egyptian armor - Six Day War

Very difficult scenario. I played with Egypt as suggested by the developer of the scenario.
Full Israeli air superiority. As happened historically.
I started two failed attempts.
First attempt: Wait Israeli tanks. I caused many casualties but after a few turns come airstrikes that destroyed many of my tanks. Those that remain are destroyed by enemy tanks. I left on turn 7 or 8.
Second try: I try to find a fold protection in dunes, but my tanks are hunted, so neglect in turn 5 or 6. After the air strike.
Third attempt, the end: I hope the enemy tanks and destroy them a lot, then proceed to retire but are implacable enemy aircraft and destroy many of my tanks. The infantry's retreat into some dunes east and then down south do.
I only get a draw.
A someone was better?
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