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Default Re: MA Marignon Advice Needed (and newbie questions)

Originally Posted by Arcturas View Post
Thanks for the help, TheDemon and Scarlioni. I appreciate it.

Good news about the penetration and fire evocs; you can't stack eyes of the void and eyes of aiming on the same cool as it would be, it makes them blind..
You certainly can go blind doing things here...
But I wouldn't suggest eyes of aiming and eyes of the void. Rather, try an eye of the void and a green eye. +4 penetration....

As for not hitting anything ..100 precision spells dont' require site. Neither do self buffing, or battlefield. Or if you're fighting ermor and you're an SC on defense - who cares where the spells go. Anywhere it lands its going to kill something.....

Your gem production is *very* low considering your research level - and your blood production is very good, relatively.

With MA marignon - seraphs become the goto guy. And are very worthwhile both as SC's. Harbingers are also useful both to open up casting paths.

Usually the Djinn is there as well at con-8.
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