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Default Location and numbers of M60s

Taking his M-60 machineguns off the perimeter and putting them in the dead pile when the crew was wounded or killed

I'll bet the C company commander would have liked to have had a few of the "EXTRA" "SPARE" machineguns in his sector, C company was Moores unit that was overran, how many of C company's machineguns were in the dead pile, and became spare? but with Custers luck the enemy stopped to strip off all the american weapons and then retreated.

in the D company sector which was only 75 meters long, Lt. Col. Moore put 9 or more M-60 Machineguns in that 75 meters, a machinegun every 8 meters with a crew of 4 troops per machinegun and 6,000 rounds of ammo per machinegun, thats 7 1/2 cases of ammo, each case has 4 containers of 200 rounds each total 800 rounds, a total of 30 containers, thats 60,100 round belts of ammo. the weight of each case is about 80 pounds, for a total weight of about 600 pounds.

For comparesion the UH-1B Gunship had 4 M-60 machineguns and 6,000 rounds was the basic load for the 4 machineguns.

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