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Default Re: A tough purchase?

CautiousChaos said:

As I am playing I am finding that when I encounter a specific type of beast it hits me the same number of times for the same number of hits points each time I encounter that type of beast.

This happens consistently. It erodes some of the unpredictability of encounters. Is this normal?
As far as I understand the amount of base damage is constant based on the damage type and strength, although it can be modified by mutators. So attacking with your fist will yield a set amount of damage points.

Now what shouldn't be happening is the same number of hits. When making an attack (character or monster) there is a check made based on the base to hit modified by the target's defense.

I'm not sure if damage can be randomized for a range, or if it you can only give a base damage rate. That's something Chronic Reality would have to answer.

Second question is around modding. I've looked over the HTML documentation around modding at the parameters stated in the guide look clear. Almost easy. How is the game modded? Is there some type of additional tool or is it a matter of editing XML files?

It's not even XML, for the most part plain ol' text files. If you look in your demo directory you should be able to see some (I think they're in the same place in the demo as the full game, which should be game\media\config). Graphics are all just .TGA files, and sound effects .wav files.

So for most users you can easily change/mod how the game plays, looks, and sounds with nothing more than what comes with Windows. If you can do C++ you can create plugins which would allow you to make bigger changes.

The demo actually allows a fair bit of modding by changing out files. It won't allow you to save a mod though as an unique unit, but in the full game you can create a mod and load it up from the game's menu.
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