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Default Re: Component-dependant engines

I'd just like to thanks all the posts here. I had been struggling trying to get mutually exclusive devices (only one type of engine on a ship etc) and couldn't get anywhere. The AI Tag # thing worked perfectly! Thanks. Prior to that no amount of boolean logic seemed to exclude things other than to say '1 of this type allowed'.

A query on a similar vein. I'd like for engines to use fuel based on the number of engines has anyone tried dividing the fuel use by the vessel move to get supply useage? In every mod I've played two ships with the same number of engines but different ship masses will have different fuel useages as the supply listed is used for every move point! Really weird way of doing that.

(Edit: OK re-read some of this thread. I guess something similar HAS been tried and failed. Is the formula for reading space based move of a ship one that won't work with components.txt?)

Thanks again for the help so far

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