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Default Re: spob20 Yugoslavia v9

Just 3 cents:

63 Yak-9T - it should have only one MG and 37mm gun

455 SMV M.41 75L32 - a photo is very nice M.40 (short fenders ) L18 (which could BTW replace worse photos in Italian 009,038,260,347 SMV M.40 75L18) - the unit should be either M.40 L.18, or SMV M.42 75L34, like 135 in Italian OOB (semovente with L/32 gun was only experimental, and has beeen removed from Italian oob). I don't know which was used, but L18 was more popular Italian model.

(289,290 Partisan AT, 291,590 Cetnik AT - photos could be changed to something more Molotov-like)
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