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Default Re: spob20 Yugoslavia v9

I've found some photos in Batailles et Blindes 66.

Some thought on Renault tanks:

1 FT17 - Yugoslavia also used FT armed with 37mm gun (attached photos).

5 Renault M.28 - Yugoslavia also used M.28 armed with MG (attached photo)

(Both units above could be re-classified to create mixed platoons, with 3 gun tanks and 2 MG tanks, according to French pattern (I don't know how Yugoslvia used them, but I guess in standard mixed platoons...?), but it might cause some mess with picklists in early 1930s, so maybe it's not worth it)

2 R-35 - I'm attaching photos of Yugo tanks

286 Reno FT-17 - photo is a tank with 8mm Hotchkiss MG (AFAIR, Nationalist Spanish tank), while this one is apparently from German deliveries, with FM 31 (might be eg German photo 27677).

That's all.
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