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Default Re: Vistula crossing

Turns 11-15

This is the moment the Russian force makes its appearance and changes the balance of power drastically. 3 T80UD battalions and one BMP-2 battalion, several Tunguska and Tor-M1 AA vehicles and MSTA self propelled artillery flood the battlefield. They manage to find the northern part of the SF platoon and wipe it out. In addition to that, the trade shots with the US tank platoon and destroy 2 more tanks. The only US tank alive by turn 15 is in position (1) and manages to kill several vehicles with flanking shots.

Some T80s dash to the west and they arrive 700 meters east of the US bridges. The situation is critical. US engineers engage the tank platoon at (2) and the rest of the Leopard battalion crosses the bridges in a hurry. A brief tank duel leaves one T80 burning. In addition to the Leopards, BMP-1s also run for the bridges to cross to the other side and help with the defense of the area.

In the center, the T80 battalion catches the Leopard company that has crossed the bridges by surprise. BY turn 15, the majority of the company is knocked out with only two platoons remaining. The latter take defensive positions around the area trying to defend. (3) shows current and former positions of the company.
To the south, the T-72 battalion, supported by the Rosomak battalion slowly clear the area (4) of Belarusian forces. By turn 15, the latter have lost almost all of their vehicles and only some dismounted infantry remain. A SP Konkurs tank destroyer platoon positioned to the hill at (5) manage to delay the tank advance, knocking out several T-72s. A combination of tank and 122mm artillery fire eliminate this threat. The tanks soon come under fire from advancing T-80s and their advance halts. However, some forces composed of two T-72 tank companies and one Rosomak company attempt to make a wide flanking maneuver to the south at (6). Their objective is to get past Russian forces and hit the enemy artillery and anti-air defense parks to the Russian rear at (7).

The arrival of the Russian force has made things much more difficult. I cannot advance easily any more, not until I get the majority of my forces to the other side of the river at least. In addition to that, to the south my T-72s cannot go toe to toe with the T-80s. Therefore, my plan now is to cross as many tank and motor infantry units and defend around the bridgeheads. The only offensive operation until I neutralize the threat will be the flanking maneuver to the south that I mentioned before.

So far, I lost 3 Abrams, 8 Leopard-2s and 11 T-72s. The Belarusian force has lost all of its offensive capability, since I don’t see any more vehicles, just dismounts, and the Russians lost 14 T-80s and several other vehicles (mostly BRDMs). The Russia air defense has shot down 6 of my F-16s and one of my Hinds. With my air force gutted and casualties not in my favor, things will get interesting…
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