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Default Re: Vistula crossing

Turns 21-31

Combat intensity starts to lessen, thus I played more turns than usual. To the north, after heavy fighting and aided by copious use of rocket artillery, my mech infantry and tanks slowly clear Kokocko from enemy presence. Only a few demoralized, isolated and immobilized T-80s stand in my way, in positions marked as (1).

Russians have pushed in the center into two major axis. Axis (2) has managed to withstand Polish tank fire, but has fallen victim to US air strikes. 2 F-15Es and 6 A-10s have bombed and strafed the Russian units until they were effectively destroyed and the Russian APCs have been pulverized by accurate Leopard HEAT rounds. In Axis (3), a T-80 platoon pushed north until it was destroyed by accurate tank fire from position (4). The Polish tanks started to cross the river forward after this engagement.

To the south at Czarze, Russian armor makes two attacks. The one at (5) moves through urban terrain where it battles Polish infantry and T-72s lying in ambush. All Russian tanks are knocked down by the Polish defenders at a heavy price. The attack at (6) is also blunted by a high volume of Spike ATGM fire from positions at (7) and artillery. Poles make a counterattack with the remaining T-72 tank company and a mech platoon and finish of any remaining tanks. The road is clear to reclaim any objectives in the south.

To the east, the flanking element advance, destroying any remaining Belarusian mortar carrier they see. They move to (8), where they engage the Russian MSTA SP artillery pieces. The latter prove to be a difficult opponent for the Rosomak IFV, and thus the T-72s move forward to finish the job. A combination of tank and artillery fire, destroys a large number of MSTAs and forces the survivors to withdraw. The flanking element links up with the SF survivors and proceeds to occupy Bloto at (9).

At turn 31, things seem to be hugely in my favor. There are some T-80s here and there, but Russian morale seems to plummet, thus I can advance with greater ease than before. I have high hopes that this game will end with a decisive victory for me. We’ll see…
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