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Default Re: WIP Campaign "Kampfgruppe Weber"

Thanks for the feedback. Some thoughts:

Artillery and air: Do you think I need to tune this down a notch? Obviously the threat of Jabos and Allied artillery supremacy was a huge factor in Normandy and beyond, but gameplay wise these elements tend to be frustrating for the player on the receiving end.

Repair points: I am thinking about adding a few of those, mainly to repair damaged tanks and refit infantry groups. Something along the lines of 50 points across the whole campaign. It wouldn't allow the player to buy new tanks, but to repair some damage.

The mission where you take out the Priest battery: I am not sure of this one, my gut feeling is that it doesn't really "fit" with the rest of the missions. Quite frankly it was a last minute addition. Originally I wanted to do a mission where you sneak through american lines at night, but it never worked as well as I wanted and felt gimicky. So what are your thoughts on that one?

BTW the heli casualty probably was a scout plane.
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