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Another thing: Nukes are way too powerful and too cheap. A way to hinder players from just buying 20 nukes and destroying half of the map would be for example specialized anti-nuke defenses. Nukes should be made more expensive. Maybe a new building type could be included, a silo that can load up and fire nukes that have been produced in the same territory so that you can't fire all nukes at once. And mobile launchers and subs should be able to load up nukes, too. In the present version they seem to have infinite nuclear ammo and you just can bomb your opponent every turn with them. Having to load up ammo would reduce their power. Another thing: Why can nukes only be fired at targets on the same continent (At least it seems so)? You can't bombard sea territories and other continents with nukes in the present version which is a bit unrealistic.
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