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Default Re: Czechoslovak OOB37 and Slovak OOB01

I agree. That's why I didn't propose to add CS units in Great Britain in a very beginning of this thread.
More useful could be units, demanding basically extending several Slovak units and formations until 10/44 - but I don't dare to propose it


It's no secret, that my primary interest are color pictures, and in this purpose I use Mobhack. In most cases I don't check unit by unit, only something that catches my eye, and raises doubts. Sometimes if I find inaccuracies, I catch up and check other similar units and search info. Sometimes the other way - first I read a book, and then wonder, how the units are depicted in SPWW2. If there exist recent detailed sources, especially written by authors coming from these countries, I'm sometimes too eager to share a newly acquired knowledge You do what you want with that info.

And I don't want to create own OOBs, because they would differ only in tens of small adjustments, a handful of new units, and - first of all - maybe a dozen people would ever be interested in them... I passed through a stage of creating own OOBs over 15-20 years ago, when I created a corrected SP-I set (...was it THAT long ago?...). Now I'm only wasting time for creating pictures - and sometimes I spot something, that is IMO worth to correct.

Some people improve game mechanism (which IMO is quite adequate now ), some build maps, some create scenarios, I am accuracy aficionado. And I agree, that most of these changes have no impact on the game, but - at least me - I like to see correct details, like gun or truck icons in a battle - if we don't have a limited symbolic SP-I icon set any more, but already have a lot of them available, and it's enough to choose the best one. You have the man, who does half of the job, instead of just complaining "this truck doesn't resemble what it should" (I know, that you'd just ignore it). Now you can choose if to ignore, or to follow the suggestion of improvement.

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