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Fallout Re: Jets & Planes but no UAV's here.

The only close to Full Operational Capability FOC is the USMC, which I'm almost on the verge of saying they're there. Because a piece of equipment has been used in the field does not mean it's been operationally accepted. Israel comes to mind, though I could be wrong (And I'm sure Amit/Gingertanker will correct me.), does this most of the time with there weapons based on the "environment" it finds itself in. No better proving ground exists except for Russia where they've already done the same in Syria as we did there with the then never proven F-22 and now with the F-35. My predictions for FOC is and this one is again is a "no brainer" USMC, USN (They've had less issues with theirs.). USAF (Starting to just overcome some of the major issues they've had over the last few years.), ISRAEL (Is apparently already adapting some of their own equipment into a couple of them for testing.) and the UK (Though they might Flip/Flop with ISRAEL, the hold up here as I see it might be the BRITEX economic issue.) and maybe JAPAN (They have a sense of urgency with CHINA, especially after President Xi ramped up the PLA last week to prepare for battle against, you got it, TAIWAN. More on that to come soon in the MBT Thread concerning TAIWAN and I can promise some people will be very disappointed by that post.)

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