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Default Re: Dominions II T-Shirt Contest

1. Power To The Pretenders!
2. determined by faith and force...
3. It's a Vastness!
4. True Ulmish Black Steel
5. I'll murder for a Heart of Darkness.
6. Illithids United
7. The Supreme Being is dead.

I love Leif's nr 6, by the way.


8. Rex Pretendis
9. Mudwrestling C'tissian style.
10. And then, the other eye was shot out as well.
11. The Wyrm's bite has two sides...
12. Playing with mortals is a duty of gods.
13. Dominions II - Where armies serve as Vampire fodder.

2nd Update:

14. Victory was close, but then my archers decided to fire.

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