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Default Re: MP Game - Newbie Game (by Aku)

"Oh and Pickles just in case you havent used ryleh before use the priests not the mages to go in the summoning circle in the capital because they have a small chance of getting feebleminded."

Ha small chance my arse. I am playing R'lyeh in another game and I have so far spent 750 gold to get 100 gold worth of creatures.

Actually there is a small chance cos they usually get eaten by the summons before they go mad - though I have had both happen on the same turn.
It really is a stupid pointless and above all random task (not that this stops me)

On Karan you are connected to 18/19 of the wet provinces but they are still a long way from one another and in dead ends so it is hard to expand in an efficient manner.

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