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Default Italy OOB 34 corrections/suggestions (v.11) 2018

Some leftovers from OOB review 3 years ago - and artillery:


30 Cannone 75L27 - range should rather be 200 (10.200m at best - now 201.
Name could be changed to "75/27" according to Italian naming system (coherent with unit 29 name).

Better icon for its narrow trail would be 2111 (proposed also for Spain - for Mod.06 gun at least; Mod.11 gun would be split-trail, but it would demand a new unit, with the same data, but specific photo - I don't suppose you wanted to )

31 Obice da 100L17 - as I've mentioned in Spanish thread, range was only 8.2km [now 200].
Icon should be 2115.
Name could be changed to "100/17" according to Italian naming system.

64 Obice da 105L14 - range of this short howitzer was 8.1km [now it has 208!].
Photo is 100mm howitzer (photo:
Icon should be 2115 considering its barrel length.
(it was quite rare - 120 in 1939, used mostly on fixed frontier positions)

164 Obice da 105L25 - as I've mentioned in Spanish thread, it should be 105L28 cannon (Italian version of Schneider), with a range up to 13.6 km (203-204 - now 212!).
Picture is short Skoda howitzer - better is original Schneider 23108, but it had a distinctive look and could be given an own photo.
Icon should be single-trail 2117 (like other 105mm Schneiders).

427 Obice da 105L18 - there is no info on Italian Wikipedia. Date 1943 suggest some allied-delivered weapon - US M2 (which was L/22)?.. Then the picture should be changed.
Range 208 is impossible for L/18 howitzer anyway.

Off Map Artillery (class 10)

50 Bt Obic 100/105 - neither 100/17 nor 105/14 was off-map - both fired at 8 km (above).

In order not to spoil light artillery formations, a range of 100/17 could be artificially made up to 200 [now 204!]. In this case this unit should be made of Skoda 100/17 howitzers only (which were standard light howitzers, on contrary to 105/14).

Longer 100/22 (Skoda vz.14/19) had a range of (almost) 10km, and was used by Italy, but only from 1940

It could be eventually replaced with fairly typical heavy 105/28 cannon (unit 164), but they were used in corps artillery (class Off Map Heavy Artillery). It's worth to add such battery anyway.

464 Bat Obici 155mm - heavy howitzers captured in Greece. According to they were used rather by coastal artillery. Not in light artillery formations anyway.

Off Map Heavy Artillery (class 155)

51 Bt Obici 149M37 - range was even 15.3km [now 204]
Name could be "149/19"

52 Bt Obici 149M35 - name could be changed to "149/40", so that it's known at first sight it's long cannon (coherently with unit 53).

53 Bt Obici 149/35 - range was even 19 km [now 207]

428 Bat Obici 210mm - range was 15.5 km [now 209]

441 210mm Mortaio - it's off-map gun in spite of 169 range (in fact 8 km

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