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Default SEV 1.08, Balance Mod 0.91

After finally getting a copy of SEV, I downloaded Captain Kwok's Balance Mod and started playing.

Map: Galactic Edge, Large, all connected
Empire Options:
  • Tech Cost: Low
  • Start Resources: Medium
  • Home Planet Value: Good
  • 1 starting planet
  • Home Systems evenly distributed (This is NOT working!)
  • Can view all scores
  • Starting Tech Points: Medium (100,000)
  • Starting Racial Points: High (5,000)
  • Number of computer players: High
  • Computer Player Difficulty: High
  • AI Bonus: Low

Player Empire:
Devnull Confederation, ruled by Dude Devnullicus
Ice/Hydrogen homeworld
Government: Anarchy
Society: Artisans
  • Mining Aptitude
  • Smart
  • Foolish
  • Builders
  • Cowardly
  • Physical Weakness
  • Environmental Resistance
  • High Reproduction
  • Mechanoids
  • Natural Merchants
  • Hardy Industrialists
  • Crystallurgy
Extra Starting Techs: Sensors 6

Turn 2400.0:
Started in a binary star system with 1 warp point and 2 other (huge) ice worlds, both unfortunately Carbon Dioxide and thus not breathable.

Seeing as how I was starting in a binary star system, I wanted to get solar collectors as soon as possible as that would dramatically increase my resource production. So I started building a couple colony ships for the 2 other planets in my system and began researching Crystallurgy.

Turn 2400.5:
Researched: Crystallurgy 1, stellar harnessing 1, missile weapons 2
Colonized: both of the other worlds in my home system, 1 as a research compound and the other as a mining facility.
Built: a couple of scout ships.

As soon as my first scout left my system, I get a message that I've made first contact with the Amon'krie. So much for evenly spaced starting positions! Seeing as how I have 1 warp point out of my system and the only exit is blocked by another home-system, it's already time to go to a war economy. Sheesh.

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