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Default Re: SEV 1.08, Balance Mod 0.91

Turn 2402.0
Researched: Ion Engines 2, Crystalline Weapons 2

The Amon'krie are no more and I've mostly finished re-colonizing their homesystem. The last of their ships made a desperate run for my home system, but was stopped dead by the swarm of fighters at my warp point. Only about 50% of them ran away - the other 50% kicked butt.

Unfortunately, with the early war, I've definitely fallen way behind on research and I need to scramble to catch up. I've sent out a bunch of colonizer ships (good thing I scouted ahead during the war so I know where to send the colonizers!) The Amon'krie home system also had about 7 habitable planets (2 of which were even breathable!), so I'm going to be building up for a while yet.

I haven't met any other races yet, and I'm hoping I don't for a bit so I have a chance to build up and catch up on research. Luckily, I can easily pump out 2 colonizers a turn with my super-duper shipyards at my home planet.

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