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Default Re: SEV 1.08, Balance Mod 0.91

Turn 2402.5
Researched: Light Hull 2, Armor 3

My little corner of the galaxy is much calmer now that I'm by myself. The Amon'krie worlds are coming along nicely and I'm spreading into several systems beyond the original Amon'krie home system. Occasionally, some of my citizens report a few ghosts in the ruins, but I just shake my head and think, "Gee, if they'd have just accepted my treaty offer, they might still be alive". Well, ok, probably not. If they hadn't been in the next system over from my homeworld past the ONLY warp point...yeah. But since they were, one of us was doomed from the start.

On 2402.5, I met my second neighbor, the Youbut Collective. In between snickers at their name, I immediately sent them a treaty message. Interestingly, they sent me one on the same turn. One of the more reasonable treaties I've received from the AI...except that there was nothing in it about non-agression. We'll see if they like the amended treaty.

Since they're a rock/oxygen race, they will hopefully allow colonization in the same systems. But then again, my aging fleet is sitting idle and could use something to do...

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